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Photographer Referral Program
Earn an additional 5% - 25% on top of your 50% commission
on all your sold images when you refer 1 - 5 friends.  It's that easy!

Refer up to five (5) friends to Picture Stock and enjoy the extra revenue when your pictures are sold.  Then tell those friends to go out and shoot some great pictures for us so they can get paid when their pictures are sold.

When you submit your images to us, we will automatically pay you 50% commission when your pictures are sold.  You can earn up to 75% commission on all your images by referring just five (5) photographer friends or associates by telling them about our picture agency.  

Word of mouth advertising is by far the best source of advertising.  To help us lower our marketing and advertising costs, we will pass that revenue on to you for your referrals.

For each new photographer you refer to us, we will pay you 5% on top of your 50% to a maximum of 75% for five (5) referrals who become customers of Picture Stock.

You can also invite photographers by advertising our services on the Internet, in any print media, by direct mail or any other form of advertising.  Just make sure you include your Photographer ID Number and have the new photographers mention your ID Number so that we can credit your account and pay you accordingly for all your referrals.

Each new photographer must submit a minimum of 50 images or more initially or purchase a Picture Stock Press Pass or both in order for you to qualify for the 5% for each referral.  Each new photographer must also have an e-mail address that is not the same as yours. 

Your Payout Schedule:
If you refer one photographer, you will be paid 55% of the total price for all your sold images.
If you refer two photographers, you will be paid 60% of the total price for all your sold images.
If you refer three photographers, you will be paid 65% of the total price for all your sold images.
If you refer four photographers, you will be paid 70% of the total price for all your sold images.
If you refer five photographers, you will be paid 75% of the total price for all your sold images.

The maximum payout is 75% for 5 referrals provided they all qualify as stated above however, you can refer more than 5 friends as that would be very much appreciated.  More than half of our photographers were referred to us from existing photographers.  Share the word. 

You will be paid on the 10th of each month for the previous months picture sales as always.

You are not required to register for this free referral program since we will automatically credit your account each time a referral of yours places an order or submits images and mentions your Picture Stock ID number.  Always let your friends know your Picture Stock ID Number and make sure they mention it when submitting their images or when they place an order for a
Picture Stock Press Pass.

At the bottom of the Image Submission and Order Form, where it asks - How did you hear about us?  Your friends must write your Picture Stock ID Number here.  If they order a Press Pass online, they must also key in your Picture Stock ID Number in the place provided. 

To increase the amount you earn from your sold images, it would be a wise choice to refer up to five (5) friends right away before your images start to sell on the worldwide market.

Our computer system will automatically calculate your earnings as your referrals join Picture Stock.  A detailed statement will be printed and mailed to you along with your check.  Make sure we have your current mailing address and e-mail address on file at all times so that your payments are not delayed in reaching you.

If you have any questions about the Photographer Referral Program, send us an e-mail through our
Contact Us page.  

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