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Press Pass

Thousands of photographers around the world use their Picture Stock Press Pass everyday to gain access into events covered by the media. Some of these events include professional sports, concerts and entertainment shows including backstage access, press conferences, movie and show premiers, celebrity signing sessions, red carpet events, breaking news, local events, protests, wars, world leader conferences, politics, film festivals, conventions and any event the media covers. You will be an official and respected member of the media and receive all the benefits and perks the media is accustom to. You are going to enjoy the first class and prestigious treatment members of the media receive everyday. Let me explain.

Whether you are a professional photographer working at a newspaper, a freelance photographer, a journalism student or just starting out in photography, you will need a Press Pass to gain entry into events. Event organizers need the media to cover their events in order to receive free publicity. They will open their arms to you for covering their event. The free advertising they get in return is worth tens of thousands of dollars to their organization. Without a Press Pass, you will not be able to have media access to any of these events preventing you from taking the best possible photos by not being up close. As a photographer, if you want to be taken seriously in your profession, you will need a legitimate Press Pass and you must be working for a reputable media organization such as Picture Stock in order to qualify. Media photographers whose work involves gathering material for editorial use in publications or websites benefit greatly with our Media Credentials / Press Pass. Now the best part.

Stand or sit on the sidelines at football, basketball, baseball and hockey games or at any sporting event both professional and/or college and university games. Shoot concerts from the edge of the stage. Get up close to performers and celebrities. Shoot breaking news from the front lines or get right into the action. You can only get this close when you are working for a legitimate picture or news agency such as Picture Stock.

Receive free copies of your published pictures:

We will distribute your images to news and picture agencies worldwide. See your work published in major publications along with your photo credit at the bottom of each picture. Seeing your name and work in print is the most satisfying feeling a photographer can experience. We can help accomplish that ultimate goal for you as we do for hundreds of photographers around the world daily. A Press Pass is like a free entry ticket for a working photographer. We also provide tear sheets when your work is published in magazines and newspapers for your portfolio - when available. These tear sheets are always free of charge and we also pay all shipping and handling costs. You will quickly see all the benefits and value from your new Pass Pass the same week you receive it.

Your new Press Pass:

Your new Media Credentials (Press Pass) will have your picture along with your full name, photographer ID number and the expiry date electronically printed on it and it will be laminated. You will also receive a Press Pass holder complete with a neck strap and ready to be worn and put to work. All Press Passes are recorded, logged and computerized at Picture Stock so that event organizers can call us anytime to confirm and verify whether a photographer is registered with us or not. We will emboss each Press Pass with our corporate seal for authenticity and to prevent any fraudulent use.

Over 94% renewal rate:

More than 94% of our photographers renew their Picture Stock Press Pass for one reason – it works. Our photographers know that without our Press Pass, they would not be able to work for us since they would not be allowed into any event. Many of our photographers rely on our Press Pass for their livelihoods. Our Press Pass is valid in every country worldwide and it is a great source of picture identification and shows you are working for a professional organization and picture agency. Good photographers can never have too many credentials around their neck. It just feels and looks very professional.

We can provide a custom letter on Picture Stock company letterhead on your behalf to help you gain access to an event should it be required:

In order to gain access to upcoming events that you may want to cover, photographers are asked to contact the media relations department from the event they wish to cover in advance. You must first register or sign up with the event organizers before being allowed on their media list and covering their event. Some events limit the number of photographers and therefore the earlier you contact the media relations department of the event, the greater your chances become of gaining access.

Should a letter on Picture Stock company letterhead be required to help you gain entry into an event, we will write a custom letter on your behalf. Click on this link to print the required form:

Fill out this form off-line and fax, mail or e-mail it to us. Our contact information will be found on the form. The letter will then be faxed, e-mailed or mailed (you choose) to the media relations department within (2) two business days of receiving your request. We can submit the letter on your behalf or we can send it to you and you can submit it yourself if you prefer.

Note: Not all events require confirmation letters on Picture Stock company letterhead. The promoters of the event/venue or the media relations adviser will explain all the details to you when you contact them.

Covering an event:

Once you have been accepted to cover an event, you must go to the media entrance or gate and present your Picture Stock credentials at the time of entry on the event date. Your name should be on their media list upon arrival. You will then be given credentials from the media relations staff or they will mail your event credentials directly to you prior to attending. You will be asked to wear both Press Credentials (ours and theirs) at all times while you are taking pictures at the event.

Obey the rules that are presented to you and make your way to the press gallery or media location to begin shooting the event. When shooting concerts, keep in mind, you are only allowed to stay for the first few songs depending on what the promoters allow you. You will be advised upon entry.

Always wear your Press Pass around your neck and never refuse to show it up close when asked. Do not interfere with other photographers or people who paid to watch events or emergency crews at spot news scenes. Use your best judgement when shooting fires or events that may be dangerous in nature. Always shoot from a safe distance. Use the right lens for the event your shooting. Be polite and courteous and please show respect to others. Remember, it is our name you are wearing around your neck.

Shoot pictures at an event and send them back to us for worldwide sales or sell them on your own:

Send the pictures you take at events back to Picture Stock for worldwide sales or sell them on your own. Picture Stock is affiliated with news, sports and entertainment agencies worldwide that are looking for pictures from the hundreds of newsworthy events happening everyday around the globe. We pay our photographers 50% - 75% of the selling price when their pictures are sold.

If you are shooting local news or events in your hometown for your local newspaper / news website, our Press Pass will help you tremendously. You are welcome to contact your local newspaper on your own once you have shot something locally that may be of interest to the editor. You must contact him or her right away shortly after shooting an event or let them know in advance that you will be shooting something of interest to them. They may even assign you when you call. When you have time sensitive images from a news event, time means everything when you are dealing with a newspaper and/or an online news website since old news does not sell and may not be accepted. When an editor has a deadline to meet, the first images on his or her desk or computer screen get published - period. First impressions really mean a lot so do your very best at producing the best possible pictures. This may even lead to steady freelance assignments or a job down the road if they like your work.


I have been using a Picture Stock Press Pass since 1999. I would not have been able to earn a living without it.
David Katz, New York, USA

Just got my new Press Pass and already got into two major sporting events after calling the media relations department.
Ryan Burrels, California, USA

My first picture just got published in my local newspaper of a series car accident. I would not have been able to get so close if I did not have my Picture Stock Press Pass with me.
Susan Liscombe, Kansas, USA

I love shooting concerts and sports. I have already gained entry into 7 venues with my press pass. Thanks, I do not know what I would have done without you.
Peter Lyons, London, UK

Your media pass has been accepted as a legitimate piece of media identification in my country (India). I have shot dozens of events over the years all thanks to your press pass. Many pictures have been sold on my own as a result.
Harpinder Singh Binapal, India

I have always renewed my press pass before it expires. I just can't work without it. Its part of my camera gear.
Anna Sikorsky, Poland

I enjoy shooting fires. I listen to my fire scanners and go out to fire calls all the time. Your Press Pass has helped me get work published over and over again.
Doug Morris, British Columbia, Canada

I have travelled the world taking pictures in more than 45 countries. I always wear my Picture Stock press pass where ever I go. I enjoy shooting for an organization that sells and re-sells my pictures to clients globally.
George Arpopulos, Athens, Greece

I am a staff photographer at a newspaper and although I have media credentials from the newspaper I work at, I also have a Picture Stock Press Pass around my neck. People will take you serious when you look professional and say you work for a legitimate picture organization.
Steve Moore, Sydney, Australia

I just call up Media Relations at an event and tell them I would like to shoot their event for Picture Stock and I am placed on their media list. It's that easy. This has been been a dream of mine since I was a child. Thanks for getting me here.
Michael James Woodford, Illinois, USA

Picture Stock has been in business since 1997 and our brand name is recognized around the world.

Avoid imitations…use a Press Pass from a legitimate picture agency who will actually sell your pictures to buyers worldwide:

Be cautious when ordering a press pass from companies on the Internet who only sell press pass cards and nothing else. Most of these are fake press passes. These cards will NOT get you into events and these companies will not send out letters on your behalf to gain access to events since they do not sell pictures. Some will go so far as to sell press passes that cost $200 per year. Event organizers will call us to verify that the photographer who has a Picture Stock Press Pass is actually registered with us so buying a press pass from a company that is not a legitimate picture agency will definitely not allow you into any event. Only order from a company who has a telephone number so that you can talk to someone at the company and a street address and who are members of the Better Business Bureau. Save your time and money and order a Press Pass from a reputable agency like Picture Stock Worldwide at an affordable and reasonable price.

Press Pass

How to order your® Press Pass online:

Send an e-mail to: and include the following in the same e-mail:

1)  Subject line should read: Press Pass Order

2)  Your name as you would like it to appear on your Press Pass

3)  Your complete shipping address and phone number with area code (in case we have a question about your order and we cannot reach you by e-mail)

4)  Attach your head shot picture in any dimensional size (we will crop it to fit on your Press Pass) JPEG files only – up to 2MB

5)  We accept payments by PayPal at  The total is $50.00 USD and your Press Pass will be valid for 3 years. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

You do not need a PayPal account in order to make a PayPal payment.

You can also request to have us e-mail you an invoice through PayPal if you prefer.

Send your PayPal payment to:

We will automatically match your picture attached to your e-mail with your PayPal payment when they both arrive.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail once your order has been completed. All orders are shipped out the very next business day.

Free air mail shipping worldwide is included but no tracking number is provided on the package. Shipments take approximately 5-12 business days to most areas in North America and 10-25 business days worldwide.

Overnight shipping is available from FedEx:

For overnight shipping, send an e-mail to: with the city and country you live in for the current overnight shipping charge. A tracking number or courier waybill number will be e-mailed to you once your Press Pass has been shipped out so that you can track your package online.

To order your Press Pass by mail with a check or money order:

Payments can be made by check, money order, bank draft and Western Union Money Transfer in US funds only. 

You can either e-mail your Press Pass picture to us at or include a passport size picture and send it with your check, money order or bank draft drawn on a US bank for $50.00 USD by mail. Include your name, address, phone number (including area code) and e-mail address to the address below. (Print all your information clearly) To send a payment via Western Union Money Transfer, send us an e-mail and we will provide further details.

Picture Stock Worldwide Inc

2 Toronto St., Suite 210

Toronto, ON M5C 2B5 Canada


Tel: 416 614 2000 / Fax: 416 614 2666

To order by mail: 

Order Form

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