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  1. Who owns the rights to my images?
  2. What if a buyer wants the rights to one or more of my images?

Q: 1. Who owns the rights to my images?

A: You will always retain the complete rights to all your images. By sending your images to Picture Stock, you are simply granting us permission to sell them on your behalf through our affiliates. Our buyers purchase images on a one-time use basis, with the understanding that the images may be sold to other buyers or may be in other photo stock agency files at the same time. You are free to sell the same pictures you submit to us to anyone or any other company or agency at any given time with no restrictions.

Q: 2. What if a buyer wants the rights to one or more of my images?

A: One of our sales representatives will contact you directly to discuss a price and help guide you through the necessary procedures. You will always have the final say. The price for the complete rights to a picture usually reaches several thousand dollars. This is simply because the buyer can then market the picture in any way, shape or form they desire in the future.

Some images can sell for as high as $50,000+ for full rights. The price may seem high at first, but one must consider the fact that we would then be unable to make any further sales on that image in the future, thus, costing us several thousand dollars in lost revenue.

You must sign a release form and surrender the original negative, transparency or slide if applicable before payment is sent to you if you agree to sell full rights to any of your images. If the image was shot with a digital camera, a high resolution image must be provided and a form must be signed promising that the image has been deleted from any and all computer hard drives and that digital image no longer exists anywhere else in print or digital form.

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